Santiago Guide

El Camino de Santiago

This video is a day by day capture of my experience on el Camino de Santiago from St. Jean Pierre de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain! Thank you so much to everyone I met and all of the support for the journey! I knew that this trip Discover A Lot More

Camino de Santiago 2014

This is year four of our (annual) 3 day walk along the Camino de Santiago - following the route of the French Way. Hopefully a helpful guide in navigating El Camino. UPDATE UPDATE - our wonderful 2016 Camino click here Discover A Lot More

“The Camino De Santiago A Sinner’s Guide” photos with “Dirty Old Town”

"The Camino De Santiago A Sinner's Guide" Eddie Rock plays Dirty Old Town by The Pogues on his harmonica, with some photos linked to the book. Look for "The Camino De Santiago A Sinner's Guide" by Eddie Rock on:- Ebay Amazon Facebook You Discover A Lot More

“The Camino De Santiago a Sinner’s Guide” Eddie Rock

"The Camino De Santiago a Sinner's Guide" by Eddie Rock. If you are planning on walking The Camino De Santiago you must read this book. If you have no intention of walkng it, read it anyway it's juat as funny. Buy on Ebay Amazon Visit Discover A Lot More

Current touring Santiago, Chile and living at Padre Mariano 331, Providencia, Santiago